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Using a repetitive structure, I urge the viewer to question the value of domestic utensils apart solely from their function.  The sequential ordering of spoons forces one to acknowledge the presence of the ordinary.  Stripping down the spoon to its essentials allows the viewer to focus on the role the utensil plays in society, not its decorative aspect.  The objects take on a life of their own and begin to weave a history.  Each mark of use archives encoded memories to be activated with each engagement.  The engagement of the unseen hand situate the object in a history – one the eye can read and visually prompt recollections of  ‘place’ and ‘time’.


Rumination|Spoon Studies

Commonplace in our domestic landscape, spoons are nearly invisible, yet aid in the ritual of living.  Gracefully conveying physical and spiritual sustenance, these ordinary objects symbolize identity, heritage and knowledge, serving societal needs beyond their physical function as objects.  Spoons once admired for their objectness, physical beauty and symbolic references have become anonymous in our society; both from the hand of the maker and through the use of the object. 

Place|Sculptural Objects

Place is often rooted in the mundane -- overlooked but understood by the body.  Longing for space we idealize the landscape ignoring our attachments to home.

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